Why Buy Used?

Great New Cars Make Great Used Cars

Considering buying a used car for sale from Jerry Seiner Kia South Jordan? Find out why buying a used car can save you money and is a great investment. Not only do we have a variety of used car options but we also have the resources to guarantee a stress-free environment and give you the best deal possible. Buying a new or used car is a journey and our team is here to assist you along the way. 

Why Should You Buy a Used Car?

If you are in the market looking to purchase a used car for sale, you should know that there are many benefits to buying used cars, such as cheap and affordable car prices, lower insurance rates, and very little vehicle depreciation. At Jerry Seiner Kia South Jordan, we have a huge selection of used cars for sale near West Jordan.

Do Used Cars Have Little to No Depreciation?

Most used cars have very little to no vehicle depreciation at all. Once a new car leaves the lot, a good chunk of its value is lost immediately. When you buy a used car, most of its depreciation is lost in the first ownership, meaning that since you are the second buyer the value of the car will tend to remain at the amount you’ve purchased it for.

Is it Easier to Get Financing For a Used Car?

Getting approved for financing for a used car can be easier for a used car compared to a new model solely based on the price. Used cars are typically cheaper and would require a lower loan amount. Learn more about our financing options at your proud Kia dealership near Sandy and Murray.

Do Used Cars Have Warranties?

Yes. There are a few ways a used vehicle can be covered under warranty. The first is purchasing additional warranties that are offered by the dealer. The second is having the original manufacturer warranty transferred to you when you purchase a vehicle that has years remaining under coverage. To find out more about our warranty, contact us or stop by our dealership today!


Advantages of Buying Used 

  • Variety

While the new car market is full of newer and fresher looks, it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for with options being limited. All having different tastes and styles, the used car market allows you to find the exact car you want with a variety of options. From smaller pickups to midsize sedans and SUVs, we have you covered.

  • Lower prices

Used car buyers are at an advantage when it comes to vehicle depreciation in new cars. Lower prices for used cars mean there are better chances of being able to buy your vehicle for cash or making a large down payment. You may also get a higher trim for your money than you could when purchasing new.

  • Smaller Loan Amount

Considering that used cars are cheaper than newer models, used cars will have a lower loan amount. Based on the terms of the loan the monthly payments may be lower and have less total interest. Used car loan amounts are also normally shorter than new cars so buying can pay them off sooner.

  • High-Quality Options

As the used car market continues to grow, used vehicle quality and reliability are improving as well. Now there are more high-quality vehicles that can endure much more mileage. You can find a vehicle that doesn’t have any exterior damage and is in good condition 


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